Spiral CRAW Rope Beading Pattern, Twisty Rope Tutorial - SCRAW

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INTERMEDIATE  Beadweaving Pattern for Spiraling Ropes.
Working knowledge of CUBIC RIGHT ANGLE WEAVE is preferred

4 pages of colorful graphics and detailed instructions

A highly textured Cubic Right Angle Weave Spiraling rope Beadweaving Pattern and Instructions those wanting a small but not too daunting beading challenge. Working with 3 sizes of beads to create the twist needs a bit of concentration from you as you work each row. This delightful little twisted rope is the precursor to my ALE bead pattern and will get you comfy with the way the beadwork curves. Make it as long or as short as you want and play around with both subtle and strong colors for different effects.                   
15o; 11o; 8o Miyuki Beads.
Do not share, copy or sell my beading patterns.
You may inquire about my Permission To Teach Certificates ($7.00 each)
You are welcome to sell any items you make from beading patterns that you have purchased.from me
Copyright©Heather Collin

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