Pondo Stitch Beading Pattern, Beaded Cuff Beading Instructions, DIY Beaded Jewelry Tutorial, PRAW, African Circle Stitch Cuff GOOSEBUMPS


Seed Bead, Beading pattern with full color diagrams and written instructions

INTERMEDIATE PRAW and Pondo Stitch Cuff Beading pattern.

The base of this bobble textured cuff, is a modified Pondo Stitch which is a wonderful beading stitch, that works up quickly. Once you have completed the base and admired your handy work, you then add the "Gossebumps", which are beaded in PRAW 8 - which is the same as CRAW but instead of only 4 sides there are 8 per unit. The result is a beautifully weighted cuff, that looks just as interesting from the underside as it does the right way up.

YOU NEED 15o, 11o, 8o seed beads, 3mm fire polished beads (122), small drop beads (51) and 2 small magnetic clasps

TO PRINT 6 pages (including cover), full color graphic illustrations with step by step written instructions

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