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Cubic Right Angle Weave Beading Pattern  Long Ropes

DIY - Step by step beading patterns with full color graphics and comprehensively worded beading instructions.

This is an easy peasy 4-in-1 pattern which has the Block and Link,Rectangular CRAW chain as the main element, supported by the 3 simpler Flat CRAW ropes (each one slightly different). There are many ways you can go about beading these slinky ropes...make them as long as you like, keep them short and create an eye catching collar or, make them as triple wrap bangles or...what ever takes your fancy. Make up different sets of these ropes to go with various outfits. Add other beaded elements (like the Double Croix shown in on of the photos) to give more body to your look...the variations are endless. It's the FLATNESS of the STITCH that makes this interesting so have fun beading these up.

To Print - 7 pages (including front and back cover

Techniques: Cubic Right Angle Weave

Level: All beaders - as long as you understand how to do CRAW

Material requirements: size 11o beads in as many colors as desired and optional magnetic closures (small)

Permissions: You are welcome to sell any items you make from my beading patterns you have purchased.

Copy Rights: Please do not share, copy or sell my beading patterns. You may request a Permission to Teach certificate ($7.00) from me.

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