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Accomplished beader - Odd count, flat peyote stitch beadweaving pattern

Elegant and sparkly Odd Count Peyote narrow cuffs that stitch up in a flash! The Picot beaded edges are worked on at the same time as you bead the Peyote Cuff. Small Drop beads across the top add texture and sparkle to this firm little Odd Count Peyote Cuff. They bead up so quickly that you will be selecting more beads to make another one or two......

Material requirements: 11o & 15o seed beads, 3mm crystals and small drops (magatama's)

3 pages including cover,  full color graphic illustrations with step by step written instructions

You are welcome to sell any items you make from my beading patterns you have purchased. Please do not share, copy or sell my beading patterns. Permission to Teaching certificates are available on request at $7.00 per design.

PDF Download link will be made available as soon as payment is cleared.

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