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Cubic Right Angle Wrap Bangle - Beading PATTERN

A working knowledge of Cubic Right Angle Weave is required - 8 pages TO PRINT of

A sumptuously undulating waves, Cubic Right Angle Weave, beading pattern for a double wrap bangle that has a dimensional ebb and flow to it. Learn what happens when you change bead counts, per wall and challenge your self with the extra chart I've provide, to make a 3 sided wave. This rope lends itself to becoming a double wrap bangle, a short necklace, long continuous rope or a Lariat. It is a simple pattern but, you do need to keep your wits about you to keep the wave going. . Up for the challenge?


3 different colors of 11o (or 8o) seed Beads and a small magnetic clasp to suit


You may inquire about my Permission To Teach Certificates: You are welcome to sell any items you make from my beading patterns you have purchased.

Please do not share, copy or sell my beading patterns.

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