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Seed Bead, Beading pattern with full color diagrams and written instructions

EXPERIENCED - ADVANCED MRAW (inspired by Kate McKinnon) Diagonal Peyote Stitch, beading pattern for a double and single walled, Zig Zag, Rick Rack Tassel Top and Chenille Stitch beaded rope, inspired by Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. If you only have a few Delicas to spare (A-5g B- 2.5g,C- 3g ), this is perfect for you. You will learn about creating double walls with the MRAW start as well as extending the walls in such a manner as to create what looks like pointy ears and a face. Its a rewarding project and not as time consuming as the Ziggy Cuff...but you still learn the same things plus a little extra.

The pattern guides you step by step with full color graphics, words and 3 charts for the different sections.

YOU NEED: 2 colors 11o seed beads, 3 colors 11o Delica's, 4 x 3mm crystal bicones, 2 x 8mm glass pearl, 5 x 3.4mm drop beads. and 1x12cm long tassel, no more than 2cm diam at the top

TO PRINT 11 pages (including cover), full color graphic illustrations with step by step written instructions

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