Beading Pattern, Tutorial, CRAW Wide Bangles - SHANGA BANGLES

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Seed Bead, Beading pattern with full color diagrams and written instructions

Shanga Bangle is Swahili for Beaded Bangles. All African beaders have their versions of Shanga Bangles, some big and thick, others, simple and narrow. Either way, the colors are bright and look good when worn in groups. This deceptively simple Cubic Right Angle Weave pattern gives you the option of having your cake and eating it. Bead a batch of single bangles in a rainbow of colors and wear them in groups or, make up a double or even triple cuff. Bead them bright or bead them in earth tones. They are fun and addictive as well as fairly quick to bead up and you get to use up those size 8 beads you have lying around.

Level: Intermediate

Technique: Cubic Right Angle Weave and Peyote Stitch

Material requirement: 11o, 8o seed beads, Super Duo or Twin beads

4 pages to print - Step by step beading pattern with full color graphics and written instructions

Permissions: You are welcome to sell any items you make from my beading patterns you have purchased.

Copy Rights: Please do not share, copy or sell my beading patterns. You may request a Permission to Teach certificate ($7.00) from me. If you belong to a Beading Group, or Beading Society, contact me with your details for a special group discount.

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