Beading Pattern, Geometric Peyote stitch, Double walled, Rick Rack cuff, Beading Tutorial, Seed Bead Patterns ZIGGYCUFF


2 PDF included. Seed Bead, Beading pattern with optional MRAW start for double wall cuff

EXPERIENCED - ADVANCED Diagonal Peyote Stitch, beading pattern for a double walled, feminine, lacy edged, Zig Zag, Rick Rack Cuff, inspired by Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. The cuff flares at one end which makes it very wearable as an eye catching.modern choker, just with the simple addition of a matching ribbon

The pattern guides you step by step with full color graphics, words and 3 charts for the different sections. Its well worth the effort and you will be very pleased with your results

YOU NEED - see 2nd image for details

TO PRINT 13 pages (including cover for both files)

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