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GALAXY PODS - INTERMEDIATE Peyote Stitch / RAW Beading Pattern - Geometric Element

Ive created this fun and interesting Peyote stitch and Right Angle weave element for you to bead. I only guide you in what you can do with it...its about you being creative in how you use it. Turn it into a beautiful pendant, an interesting necklace or, bead up a load of them to keep in a bowl, to mesmerize your friends with.

Beading Level: Intermediate with a good working knowledge of Peyote Stitch and Right Angle Weave

To Print: 7 pages (incl front and back cover) - Full Color Graphic diagrams and step by step written instructions


Size 11o Delica beads

1g DB1782 W/Lined Teal A
1g DB254 Bronze Luster B
1g DB2108 Duracoat Opque Dyed Persimmon C
1g DB2104 Kumquat D
1g DB121 Apricot Topaz Gold Lustre E
1g DB1780 W/Lined Flame Red F
1g DB601Copper G

6 6mm Orange round beads or Glass Pearls
6 3,4mm DP-2405 Miyuki drop beads Trnsp Teal

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