Beading Pattern Curved CRAW Spacer Tutorial - ALE BEADS

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INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED Beading Pattern & Tutorial CRAW Slider Bead Pattern  
Working knowledge of Cubic Right Angle Weave is preferred

10 pages of colorful graphics and detailed instructions

Learn to create curved gradient shapes and turn them into an Awesome Little Element that can be used so many ways. Spacer beads, Fan pulls,  Zipper tags necklaces to name a few. The pattern itself will also lead you to other ideas that you can use the curved shape for and its a worthy pattern to have on your library.
15o; 11o; 8o seed beads.
Do not share, copy or sell my beading patterns.
You may inquire about my Permission To Teach Certificates ($7.00 each)
You are welcome to sell any items you make from beading patterns that you have purchased.from me
Copyright©Heather Collin

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