Beaded Tubular Rope Stitch Tutorials E-Book Beading Instructions in CRAW PRAW Herringbone Chenille Stitch Instant Download Pattern QUATROPES


BEADING STITCH TUTORIAL for Tubular Ropes in 4 different beading stitches. Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW), Prismatic Right Angle Weave (PRAW), Herringbone and Chenille Stitch instructions for Tubular Ropes.  PLEASE NOTE - This is not a beading pattern for a design, it is about stitches for tubular ropes and serves as a handy go to guide for easy reference. I do however give you suggestions for what to do with these ropes. Bead up as many ropes you fancy in these 4 different stitches and create necklaces, lariats or sculptural knots with a combination that is only limited by your imagination. I have included a 2nd PDF - Detachable Straps - how to make use of these ropes in this tutorial.

YOU NEED  11o seed beads

Decorative Tube Sliders 6mm oval or round cord

TO PRINT - 2 Files  7 pages (including cover),  full color graphic illustrations with step by step written instructions. 2 Pages (including cover) for the extra instructions file

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